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How To Store Peptides Without Contaminating

peptide in bottle

There are several laboratory tests performed with peptides on both plants and animal proteins. You can buy peptides like Melanotan mt from for research purposes.
Peptides, when used in Animal Research, shows positive results like an increase in appetite and their injuries get cured easily as stated by . To get accurate laboratory results you should see to that you store the peptides properly in a suitable environment. Peptides, when stored properly, can be useful for years together, and it will further be safe from contamination, degradation, and oxidation, which renders peptides making the experiments useless. Some peptides get degraded easily when compared to others, so it is important to increases their stability irrespective of its composition.

Once you buy peptides, you should see to that it is kept cold and far away from light. If you are sure that you will use the peptides immediately, then you can keep them refrigerated under 4C, which is an ideal temperature for storage. Peptides like lyophilized peptides when kept at room temperature are stable for several weeks. So if you are using it right away, you need not refrigerate them.

To avoid taking chances then peptides are stored in a freezer at -20C. This will suffice for short-term storage for about 1 to 2 months. When you plan to use the peptides after few months or years, then you should freeze them at -80C, which is the ideal temperature to maintain its stability.Further, you should see to that you avoid any freeze-thaw cycles frequently, which would disturb its stability.

Before you buy peptides from any reputable company, try to spare around 15 minutes in a phone call so you can get a rough idea on whether to choose or reject the company based on their response time and the way they handle customers.