With the changing lifestyle and environment, hair loss has been a common problem faced by any average human of today. Hair maintenance is a part of healthy living, and you must never experiment with it. What you need is a one stop shop to know the benefits of various hair treatment products and Hairlossable is the place for you.

Argan oil, according to a recent article that appeared on the website http://www.healthline.com/, is an extract from the seeds of the Moroccan Argan tree. The Argan oil also referred as liquid gold for its extraordinary properties is used in hair and skin treatment as a conditioner, moisturizer, and softener. It continues to be patronized for the positive and proven results. The role of Argan oil in hair treatment is explained well beneath,

In Haircare

The much-needed Vitamin E and essential anti-oxidants to induce cell development for healthy and dense hair growth is abundantly available in Argan oil. It works as a remedy for split ends and ill effects caused by chemicals and hair coloring. The below listed are various ways to use Argan oil in hair care.

Usage as Shampoo and Conditioner

Argan oil is often used as treating agent in hair care as a natural conditioner for its good effects on hair and scalp. It is a prime content in shampoos for its softening, strengthening and shining property. You must look for an Argan oil based shampoo in the case of dry and weak hair affected due to chemicals in coloring agents. You may also mix Argan oil in the regular shampoo and follow the same procedure of usual shampooing. This will provide great results in the long run.

When it comes to hair conditioning, Argan oil has the properties of conditioner too. After shampoo and blow dry, take few drops of the oil and rub your palms together. Then, gently comb the hair with your fingers, to give an even coat of this liquid gold. In the process, you may also gently massage the scalp for the oil to be absorbed into the scalp and thus preventing dryness and dandruff.

In Hair Styling

Argan oil avoids or prevents hair tangles (frizzy hair) and keeps them hydrated with a glowing texture. Unlike the chemical based styling creams, gels or sprays, which leaves a lasting damage to the hair and scalp, Argan oil works as the best alternative to set your hair right. There is no harm in repeated usage as the enriched components in the oil would only strengthen the hair.

In Hair Masking

Leaving the hair overnight after applying Argan oil can give better results than the rest of the methods. In short, the results are doubled with this method. Here, you must use the oil in a large amount and almost soak the hair in such a way, that the nutrients are completely pulled effectively into the hair and scalp. After application, wrap the hair in a towel and sleep with the pillow cover well to prevent stains. Wash it with the next day with usual shampoo and blow dry the hair. Such practice before any important event would leave your hair to look healthy, dense and smooth.

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