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How To Boost Testosterone

Boost Testosterone by exercise

The male hormone testosterone is vital for the overall health of a man. Having Testosterone at normal levels has many HealthGains like having a great libido, increased energy, enhanced physical and mental strength. Even to build a muscle the level of T should be healthy without which the muscle mass cannot improve says experts at With some many benefits, physical as well as mental to be done, every man should think of boosting testosterone.
Below are some of the ways by which you can boost your testosterone:

High T and muscle mass are synonymous to each other. On the other hand muscle mass keeps testosterone high, and high T is needed to build muscle mass. The only thing to consider is not to over exert with weights, after a certain level the cortisol levels start to increase which will then lower the testosterone levels. To get maximum benefit from exercise, weight training should be handled smartly by not exercising for more than an hour every day in a week.

Certain food is known to boost your T naturally, and others are known to suppress, so it is important to know what helps increase and what does not. The following food is known to be healthy as well as aids in improving T levels.

Food with protein content: As you may already know, protein helps to build muscle mass and also to boost T. Egg or whey is found to have proteins which bring T levels high apart from being beneficial for liver and kidney. Dairy, meat, poultry, pork, etc. is also a good source of protein.

Vegetables: It is important to consume vegetables for muscle growth and also for overall good health. Greens like cabbage, broccoli, spinach, mustard and sprouts help with increasing T levels as they contain phytonutrients which subdue estrogen.

No Alcohol: It is advised to avoid alcohol if you want to improve your testosterone levels. Alcohol consumption impairs production of blood and hence reduced T levels.

Improve your lifestyle
Improving your lifestyle by sleeping enough and eating healthy is one of the essential elements when trying to build body or trying to improve testosterone levels. If you exercise with weights and not give enough time for the body to recover, you will end up with other muscle related issues. The following lifestyle will help in keeping your T levels high

Sleep: Sleep not only helps you to recover from the training and your daily work it also contributes to keeping the hormones high. That is the reason you feel energetic and also in a good mood after a good night rest, so do not underestimate the effect of sleep on your body.
Day-offs from gym and work: Take a day off not only from the gym but also from your daily routine work, this helps you to maximize the T levels. Weight training, coupled with stressful daily chores tend to produce stressful cortisol which can then reduce the testosterone levels. On such days, a refreshing walk or jog in the park can not only refresh you but also uplift your mood and energy without weight training.