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Tips For A Healthy Vaginal Birth

Listening to a pregnant woman tell she would opt for a natural childbirth rather than go for the epidural might sound crazy for few women. They might dismiss these stories as a reaction to the fresh batch of hormones seen in pregnancy. But wait a moment. natural birth has been a preference for several expectant mothers, as read in stories at

Giving birth naturally reduces the risk of foreign bodies, use of forceps and a C-section cut. Here are few tips that have been tried and tested by several moms who went for a vaginal childbirth.

· Get Into The Exercise Mode
Exercising requires great stamina that a natural childbirth calls for. Ensuring that you stay physically fit and active influences greater chances of a successful natural birth. Use the 9 months of your pregnancy as a training period. Consult your gynecologist who will suggest the right exercises for your body.

Walk briskly for half an hour; get on the stationary bike or walk whenever you get a chance. Amidst all the pampering and eating, remaining fit and healthy plays a crucial role for a safe delivery. Avoid overstretching or exerting yourself beyond a certain point. There are prenatal yoga classes that help you relax and meditate.

· Trust Your Body
Your body is designed beautifully to endure childbirth and labor pain. Your uterus accommodates your baby for nine months, providing oxygen and food through the placenta. Another marvel is the pelvis and the vaginal tissues that have been built for a natural delivery.

Your brain releases a set of hormones called endorphins that is your body’s way of coping with pain. Beautifully isn’t? Remember when you hear about complications during childbirth, they are only an exception and not a general rule.

The next time you look at your big belly and panic when you imagine how the baby will get out through the narrow passage, your body has got it all in place. Tell yourself assuring and positive words that will further relax you.

· Relax, And Let Go
From the start of your first-trimester practice this simple exercise called Progressive Relaxation. You need to concentrate on each part of your body- eyes, ears, abdomen, pelvic region and so on. Isolate groups of muscles and be aware of their present state. Relax them for 15 to twenty minutes and you will experience its benefits during that painful contraction.

When you are in labor, you can manage pain better and you can let go of the voluntary muscle groups so there is increased blood supply to your uterus working hard.

· Do Not Stiffen Up
When in pain, the body’s natural response is to stiffen the muscles. For a natural and safe childbirth, relax when you are in pain. However ironic it sounds, there is a simple logic involved here. When you are nervous, the stiff muscles hold the baby inside the uterus while you heave and try to push the baby out. There is a mini battle inside which hurts you more.Take a few deep breaths and relax your body. Practice everything you learned in your prenatal yoga session and learn to stay calm.